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Medical Expert Services

Independent Medical Examinations

An independent medical examination (IME) occurs when a doctor, psychologist, or other licensed healthcare professional conducts an examination of an individual to help answer specific legal or administrative questions related to a variety of situations including disability claims, workers' compensation injuries, and personal injury claims. 

Having the most reliable expert is critical to securing the best outcome for your client. 

We will obtain the best expert and guide you through the entire IME process smoothly and thoroughly. 

Medical Record Reviews

Both employers and attorneys 

regularly use medical record reviews as the initial step in the IME process. 

We conduct medical record reviews for a variety of reasons including validation of a diagnosis, settling billing disputes, or investigating legal implications stemming from sustaining an injury. 

Whatever the reason, we provide the most accurate and detailed medical record reviews in the industry!

Impairment Rating Evaluations/Disability and Fitness for Duty Assessments

An impairment rating is obtained to evaluate each covered illness that has reached MMI according to the rating physician. 

This exam helps determine the functioning of a part of the body and if an impairment is permanent or temporary and mild to severe. 

Fitness for duty exams may reveal information about an employee's disability and are regulated by the ADA. This exam assesses an individual's ability to physically or psychologically perform required job duties. 

We find the right experts in this particular niche of injury analysis!

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments can be done on either an individual workstation or entire office or work spaces to find and mitigate ergonomic risks that could lead to long-term injury affecting how an employee does their job and enjoys their life outside of work. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation is a set of tests, practices, and observations that are combined ot determine the ability of the individual to function in a variety of circumstances, most often their position at work, in an objective manner. 

An FCE is a safe and effective way to obtain impartial data about your client's injury or illness. It can provide important details regarding the level of ability for an individual. 

We will assure that the expert conducting the FCE is certified to conduct these types of exams. 

Expert Deposition and Live Testimony

Expert witness testimony can truly change the outcome of your case!


Our experts are all board certified and go through a meticulous vetting process. 


Our experts provide deposition testimony as well as live testimony in court when needed. 

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