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  • How will you handle attending meetings during COVID?
    The locations of IMEs and depositions are handled individually based upon the location and availability of the physician expert and the jurisdiction of the claim. We are actively serving a large population of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. We have physician experts in regions around the country ranging from Philadelphia and Ohio to Texas and more. In most instances we can arrange for an exam to take place in your area. We seamlessly facilitate meetings and depositions in our offices, which include full video conferencing capabilities, digital projectors, conference rooms and free Wi-Fi, virtually eliminating any distance between our clients and ourselves.
  • How quickly can we schedule a meeting?
    We try our best to work within any time protocols that may apply so your request for an IME service will be processed as soon as possible. Our staff makes every effort to schedule an examination, when required, within your particular time constraints.
  • How long will it take to get the physician IME report?
    We will work with you to compile the medical and other records that will be the basis of the report. Once we have all of the necessary documentation, imaging (X-rays, CDs containing MRIs, CT scans, etc.) and an exam has been performed (if necessary), delivery of our report is very timely. Throughout the process, you will have full access to the support staff at all times to help answer your questions and keep your case moving efficiently.
  • What is included in the physician IME report?
    ELK IME reports include a thorough review of the presented medical record, tests and imaging with a summary and synopsis of those records, followed by a complete analysis and evidence-based opinion by an expert physician(s) of the appropriate specialty or specialties.
  • How can a Life Care Plan help your client?
    The life care plan details the long-term medical, psychological, and rehabilitative needs of an injured individual throughout his/her lifetime. It can benefit your client by establishing an accurate profile of medical needs and their associated costs related to the disability, as well as recommendations given by treating providers regarding long term care.
  • Do Life Care Planners collaborate with other professionals?
    The life care plan addresses every facet of an individuals disability from onset to life expectancy. This requires our life care planners be adept at interacting with and developing information from a wide-range of medical and health related providers. Our life care planners are registered nurses with years of clinical experience, giving us the advantage of easily relating to and working through the varied nuances of the healthcare world.
  • What is the benefit to utilizing a Legal Nurse Consultant for my case?
    While you are the expert in the legal aspect of the case, legal nurse consultants are the experts on the medical side! We can assist you by providing a deeper understanding of the medical issues in question, their impact on your client's case, and give you detailed explanation as to causation and any weaknesses of the case. We will help you be prepared before you file!
  • Do Legal Nurse Consultants prepare chronologies?
    Absolutely! Our legal nurse consultants have experience in drafting detailed medical chronologies for a number of cases, including mass tort litigation. We can easily identify, locate, review, and interpret relevant information from the medical records. It is a valuable service to provide you with a concise, easy to read, complete, and accurate account of the medical issues in question.
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